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The Queen Wants Coffee

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Some days, I’m all Three

Wolves and women have much in common. Both share a wild spirit. Women and wolves are instinctual creatures, able to sense the unseen. They are loyal, and fiercely protective of their packs and their pups.

There are days I am more Wolf than woman. There are days that I am more Wolf then angel. Then on days like today, I am all three. I am still learning how not to feel bad for this and to stop apologizing for myself and my primal nature to protect with fierce loyalty those who are “mine” and those who are in “my pack”.

It is in my nature to be kind, gentle, and loving. Within me are natural forces. I’m filled with good instincts, passion, and an ageless knowing. I am not aggressive on default. I will avoid confrontation and danger. But know this… when it comes to matters of protecting my family, my friends, and my heart, Do not trifle with me, For I am also the most powerful and relentless creature you will ever know.

Corner a mother and corner a Wolf,


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Conversation with the Stars

She was that girl who was always looking

Caught up in the whirling of everything around her

And at night when she finally would get the chance to look up

She could find her place again amidst it all.

Grounding her, as she planted her feet, and adjusted her balance, looking up…

She felt tiny and small in the midst of such a huge star lit sky, so many tiny lights she would see up there,

So many little stars that they were impossible to count so tiny and yet so significant to the big picture…

And that was what they told her,

Tiny bits and pieces are still part of something bigger, you just can’t see it from where you are…

She saw in the stars.


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Expectation Lessons in “Retro” spect.

I am a sucker for old classic movies and music. I don’t know. The nostalgia is intoxicating and works better than any drug to relax my mood and my mind and give me back the good feelings this life and world so often tries to strip from me.

Little lessons can be found in them as well and so tonight I share a clip of one of my favorite movies. Seven brides for seven brothers in which they learn that expectations are often the cause of disappointment in relationships, and in turn that also one shouldn’t be so careless with another’s heart or you could end up sleeping in a tree.

Check it out

Seven brides for seven brothers : when you’re in love